My HOLISTIC approach to coaching focuses on integrating the mind, body and spirit to create lasting, transformative change. Everything is connected, and when we treat ourselves as one WHOLE, integrated unit, the body responds with remarkable results. 


After a childhood filled with tragedy, abandonment and abuse... I became an adult struggling with people pleasing, perfectionism, low self worth and crippling anxiety amongst other self-sabotaging behaviors I was unable to free myself from. Burnt out and unfulfilled, I dreaded waking up in the morning and happiness seemed completely out of reach. 

The moment I realized that many of my self-sabotaging behaviours were being driven by my childhood wounds and conditioning, everything changed for me. I committed to healing, and devoted myself to learning how to transmute my pain into joy, strength and purpose. This journey changed my life so profoundly, I knew I had found my calling to guide other women like you towards a life of freedom through the power of the subconscious mind.

How to work with me


I blend science, energetics and spirituality to update your brain's outdated programming. Understanding the subconscious is like finally having the key to a door that's been locked your entire life. Once you discover what a beautiful treasure trove it is, you'll find that your entire life can feel lighter than you ever thought possible.

I currently offer three ways in which we can work together.

Break through your limiting beliefs, discover clarity, and create a plan to move closer to your goals.

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Intimate support to guide you to your deepest sense of personal power through subconscious healing and rewiring.

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A 3-month group journey to holistically heal mind, body and soul and become the catalyst for positive change in your life.

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